No Bull at Big Bull Creek Disc Golf Course

Not far from our house is a gem of a course called Big Bull Creek. True to it’s name, there is a creek running through several holes, some with sketchy ravines which have eaten more than one of our discs. We’ve lost enough discs that now we have ‘throwaway discs” for the purpose of sacrificing less valued ones instead of our favorites. A message is written on the back of each throwaway disc. They do not have a phone number to ensure they keep it. They say, “Hey we threw this thinking we couldn’t find it again. Have at it with your new sacrificial disc.” Some are more sassy than than but I am too lazy to go look in the bags downstairs. You get the drift.

Big Bull starts out on calm, rather pedestrian holes back and forth on the prairie. Nothing too special except of very tall grasses flanking the fairways and one elevated pin. There are short and long targets (Par 3 or 4) for the ‘arms like bombs’ folks, which we are not. We are new, out of shape, but interested in a good hike with something interesting to do. We don’t keep score. Our goals are simple: have fun, don’t lose some or our favorite discs, and be outside.

Then, my friend, it becomes interesting. Teeing off down a very steep hill only to turn around and tee off back up the hill. The first time I wore sneakers. The second time, hiking shoes.

Several water holes. The first time we sadly said goodbye to a few favorites. Mind you, we are beginners with no modicum of control. The next time, we had an arm to fish out discs from the water. This, of course, does not solve our problem with the tall disc-eating grasses.

There were pins across railroad tracks, only reached after climbing a huge set of stairs. Woods galore. Winding, interesting holes we enjoyed immensely. The variety in the course showed how much time and effort was put into it. The secret near a small town off the beaten path. Perfect for a round any time.

We’ve played this course many times, this disc eating course. And we’ll be back…and hopefully without any sacrifices.

StevetheBikeGuy with his impression of Mad Max Fury Road and his “Witness” disc. This is pretty much a tradition when he tees off with it.

See you on the course,


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