And so it begins: Disc Golf

Very late in the fall we finally did the deed and played disc golf. There had been many excuses about not playing during the summer, too hot, not enough time, forgot the discs. It was dark early, windy, chilly, but our squaredrop camper was cosy that Friday evening. We brought along our two frisbees purchased at Wal-Mart in the toy department to play disc golf Saturday afternoon.

The E.L Hopkins Family Disc Golf Course at Eisenhower State Park in Kansas starts in the parking lot by a boat ramp and ends on the other end of the parking lot. It has lots of trees and hills. There are fairway and prairie grass roughs. There’s a water hole in play with a long bomb (we tentatively skipped to the side) on #15 to avoid a water bath of our only two discs.

We agreed no scoring, just fun and began our adventure. We lamented on how our discs didn’t go that far and always curved, but we had fun the whole time. Out in the crisp fresh air, enjoying lake views and walks in the wooded groves. Fishing out discs from prairie grass. A serious win. It took about an hour and a half to play 18.

And then…when we went home, YouTube had us drinking from the fire hose. There is a lot to learn about disc golf. There are throwing techniques, various weights and types of discs. and strategies. Just like golf, you have your pros, those serious, and casual players.

This series about disc golf will go into many aspects we’ve discovered so far.

For now, enjoy our first adventure into a new outdoor activity. And give it a whirl…all you need is one disc for a good walk and a great adventure.

Hoping to bomb it some day…thanks Bud for the first course,


Note: While many disc golf courses are free, there is a $5/vehicle entry fee to enter the park unless you have the State Park sticker. If you’re camping there, it’s already included in your fee.

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