Rocky Roads

When I think of rocky roads, I immediately think of ice cream. After all, that was my first experience with the phrase. Plus, ice cream, duh.! 🙂

These days, rocky roads…or gravel roads have an entirely different meaning. Earler this year, SteveTheBikeGuy and I purchased mountain bikes. Yes, I know, we live in the prairie…not a mountain around. Of that, we have an abundance. But these bikes…these sassy Salsa mountain bikes are ideal for gravel riding as well. In fact, we have gravel not a mile from our house.

As a road cyclist, we’ve have to be careful where we biked. Traffic with insensitive drivers on busy streets make me road-shy. We work around it, but there is always an unknown element on some of the roads. Not on a gravel road. I can see that one car coming from more than a mile away, dust flying in the distance like a cape trailing. It’s easy to get out of the way and we all see each other pretty clearly.

Check out this blog on beginner gravel riding here.

There is a whole movement, a whole group of gravel riders. Some ride go up to even 100 miles. (Although there are many shorter courses.) The terrain is wild and interesting, not just the country roads you see here. It challenges the cyclist and provides hidden beauty of the countryside.

If you have a chance to snag up a mountain bike, or rent one for a day. Try gravel. Hitting the dusty trail never felt so good.

Try some gravely goodness,


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