Colosseum Trail – Ha Ha Tonka State Park – MO

Recently, SteveTheBikeGuy and I had a small bit of time to go hiking and chose Colosseum Trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. It is a small .6 loop with two trail heads that runs under a natural bridge with rocky trails climbing up and down, steep inclines and beautiful scenery.

The surface trail goes under a natural bridge as well as through a very large sinkhole. The Colosseum itself is 60 feet long, 100 feet high, and 70 feet wide. The sinkhole itself is 150 feet deep.

The trail is considered a moderate level of difficulty. The average hiking grade on the trial is 4% with the highest grade at 9%. This is a year around trail, which sports many flower dogwoods in the Spring and beautiful fall foliage in the fall.

We hiked two days after a rain, which I would not recommend. There were patches we slipped due to mud. Also, I should have wore my hiking boots. That was on me. All in all it was a lovely hike. Will we go back again. YES!

Of on another adventure,


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