Fly fishing at Bennett Springs State Park – MO

Bennett Springs is one of Missouri’s best fly fishing venues. Stocked each night based on the fishing tags purchased the day before, the river is usually teeming with rainbow trout. The stream is clear enough we watched them nibble on our waders, look at our flies, and decide not to bite.

Hot summer days and cold waters make for the perfect conditions not only for fish, but fisherman. As our friend CamperKev says, put on the waders and start the countdown for getting the the water fast. Warm upper body with the sun beating down on my is the perfect ying to my ice cold water wading yang.

This year, the fish pickin’s were slim. Rumor has it that maybe due to Covid-19 and State Park closures earlier this year, that not as many fish are stocked in the stream. I cannot confirm, but the fact that this is the first year in the last 3 years that 3 of the 4 of us were skunked. Never-the-less even zero fish cannot spoil my fly fishing trip. The natural beauty and calmness surrounding me was food for the soul.

Casting about,


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