Where are all the bikes?

Bike season is upon us. I mean REALLY upon us. Whereas there are usually less bikes available about this time of year, we are honestly in a bike crises in most bike and sports stores.

People looking for activities outside where social distancing can easily be practiced are turning to traditional cycling activities to do with their families. The kids as well as adults can feel the breeze in their hair and experience the freedom only bike can give.

It’s not just bikes, all the accessories are also in scarce supply. Tires, tubes, pumps, helmets and other items which people often buy to ‘trip out their ride’ are gone. In our area…

Places you may be able to find bikes these days: Big box stores, friends getting rid of or need to trade for different kid sizes, some bike stores, bike stores online, Craig’s list, Facebook marketplace, sports stores. None of these are guaranteed. Be persistent, don’t be discouraged. It’s worth the hunt.

In a future blog, StevetheBikeGuy will run a series of posts on how to maintain your bicycle. Repairs and maintenance from reputable bike shops could take a long time if you need it. Flat tires and chain maintenance can be done easily with a couple of inexpensive tools.

Pedal on,


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