Stockton State Park – MO


Stockton Lake is a reservoir in Missouri. The lake is ‘V’ shaped, and covers 39 square miles with 298 miles of shoreline. It has three marinas, and 10 public-use areas. It has a “non-development policy,” and is surrounded by unspoiled, tree-covered hills. Its banks are owned and operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. Stockton lake has numerous coves protected from the wind making it a great lake to sail, wakeboard, water ski or other water sports.

Stockton Lake is considered is one of Missouri’s seven major lakes.. The Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Sac River in 1969 near the town of Stockton.

There are various trail heads located around and in Stockton State Park and Lake. We were able the hike right out of the campground on the Nyblad Trail. A .5 mile one way, which ws great for quick walk among the trees.

Here is a list of all the trails:


The Umber Ridge Trail is a great place to experience the beauty of nature. In fact, you’re likely to spot some wildlife (think deer, turkeys, rabbits, birds, and more)! The trail is 1.75 miles with natural terrain.


The park is also home to the .5 mile Nyblad Trail – perfect for a quick hike. This trail runs between the East and West campgrounds.


The new Lakeview Trail is 8 miles long. The trailhead is located on County Road 2000, which is the road leading to the marina/campground.


Our newest addition to the park is the beautiful water trail. At just over 6.5 miles, the water trail is perfect for kayaking or canoeing. Need a kayak/canoe? The marina offers rentals (417-287-5329).

The lake itself sports a lot of fishing and kayaking (which I will blog about in the near future.)

If you have a chance, visit this beautiful state park.

Let’s go outdoors,


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