Pomme de Terre Damn: MO

Pomme de Terre Lake is located nestled in tree covered hills in west central Missouri Ozarks on the Pomme de Terre River.

Wiki History: The Pomme de Terre Project was authorized by Congress in 1938 as part of a comprehensive flood control plan for the Missouri River Basin. Project Planning was initiated in 1947 and actual construction began in 1957. The lake was completed in 1961 at a cost of $14,946,784.

 l Pomme de Terre Lake is 7,820 acres and can grow to 16,100 acres during long bouts of heavy rain due to excessive runoff, providing flood protection for the Osage River Basin and both lower Mississippi and Missouri river. The earth and rock filled dam also provides a recreation area full of water sports, fishing, and camping.

The Pomme de Terre Dam is an earth embankment 7,240 feet long and stands 155 feet above the streambed. The dam’s impervious core was made of heavily compacted clay and is almost watertight. The dam outlet has a control tower is equipped with 2 hydraulically operated gates controlling water release. 

Of note: The phrase “Pomme de Terre” is French for “Apple of the Earth” or “potato”. The Pomme de Terre River was most likel;y named after plants resembling potatoes growing on the banks. The plant, called Apios Americana or Potato Bean was food for the Indians.

Visitors can go to the dam to observe water flowing downriver in all its majestic power.

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