Pomme de Terre State Park – MO

We recently camped at Pomme de Terre State Park in Missouri. Pomme de Terre lake (which means apple of the earth) used to be natural grasslands. During the early 1960s, the U.S. Corps of Engineers dammed the river and created a 7,800-acre lake.

The lake splits into two separate management areas on both sides of peninsulas. Lake Pomme de Terre is made up of two major arms that are named the same as the river and creek that feed it, the Pomme De Terre River and Lindley Creek. Both arms are long and winding with many coves for fishing and kayaking.

The lake is popular with campers. There are over 650 campsites, both primitive and modern and there are two public swimming beaches. Water recreation in all forms are common on the lake. Our activities at the lake included kayaking, biking, fishing, and sight seeing. We observed 4 marinas. I’d say that 75% of the campsites has easy access to lakes. We put in our kayaks on the campsite we were staying.

Pomme de Terre Lake is known for its crappie, white bass, and large mouth bass fishing. Also Muskellunge (Muskie) have been stocked in the lake since 1966 and sports one of the large catch ratios in the whole country. Kayaking fishing Saturday evening was successful.

Strawberry Moon Friday Night

Kayaking Saturday Morning

Lake Pictures

Hermitage Campground

Woods Around the Lake

There were several campgrounds we visited, all seemed to have better access to the lake or more shade and less people. We’ll go back, but not to Hermitage, which bordered the ‘party cove’ area, which made it less then nature-ideal. Bathrooms and showerhouse rates a C+. It needed more cleaning. Camper, although were a space between not occupied, still felt cramped.

We don’t hold this against the lake. We’ll be back soon.

Remember to keep going outdoors,


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