Lumberjack Loop | Colorado | 04/11/20

A beautiful, varied terrain hike with great shots of plants and pathways.

Colorado Chelsea

Lumberjack Loop | Lory State Park & Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

Portions of  the Mill Creek, Loggers, Sawmill, and South Valley Trails

Bellvue, CO | 04/11/20| 6.04 miles | 1,012′ gain


(Okay, I totally made up the name of this loop, but with trail names like Mill Creek, Loggers, and Sawmill, it should be expected that I’d think of lumberjacks!)

Some of the larger parks near me have so many trails that it’s taken quite a bit of thinking and studying maps to figure out the best way to visit each of these trails. (If I could walk/run/bike 15-20 miles per day, this might be easier haha!) One of my ideas looped in a handful of trails in both Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.

DSC_0638 South Valley Trail

I parked at the Arthur’s Rock Trailhead in Lory State Park. Since I’d already purchased an annual state park pass…

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