Outdoor Enablers: We took it Outside

Two years ago, SteveTheBikeGuy and I were invited by DIYJamers and CamperKev to spend Memorial Day with them at Vineycreek campground in Missouri. Looking back at that first trip with their pop-up camper, we swam, fished, and kayaked. We cooked and enjoyed the outdoors with music and laughter. Thanks to our friends…We. Were. Hooked. This is how our love with outdoor adventures began.

If you have the opportunity to go outside, by invitation or on your own, do it. Take a hike or go fishing. Pitch a tent or take a picnic. Whether camping or a day adventure, sample the outdoors. Being outside has lowered my blood pressure, got us away from computers, and enjoying nature and friends more often.

You don’t need to camp in a tent or camper. Often, especially last year when many campgrounds were closed due to floods, we sought out local hiking spots in parks and nature centers locally. Free or a nominal fee makes it affordable for everyone.

In deep outdoors,


Recording our Adventures
(Hiking, Kayaking, Cycling, Fishing, and/or Camping)

Kansas: Eisenhower State Park, Clinton State Park, Kanopolis State Park, Eldorado State Park, Mushroom Rock State Park, Shawnee Mission Park, Blackhoof Lake Park, Ernie Miller Nature Center, Overland Park Arboretum, South Lake Park, Hillsdale State Park, Heritage Park

Missouri: Pamona State Park, Watkin’s Woolen Mill State Park, Weston Bend State Park, Stockton State Park, Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Knobnoster State Park, Wallace State Park, Crowder State Park, Table Rock State Park, Bennett Spring State Park,

New Places Coming Up: Pomme de Terre State Park in Missouri and Cedar Bluff State Bluff in Kansas.

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