Hiking the HaHa Tonka Spring Trail – MO

The weather was mild and sunny last week. While others were COVID pool partying in the Ozarks, StevetheBikeGuy and I selected a Moderate hiking trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park and headed for the hills and woods.

Ha Ha Tonka, meaning laughing waters, has many trails, some which wind around castle ruins. Other trails go through the forest and rock formations.

Trails vary in difficulty from Easy to Moderate, to Rugged.

We chose the Spring Trail, a 1.5/3.0 mile loop which goes through forests with varying shade, through sunny, rocky terrain and back again.

Some areas have good lookouts far below on the forest floor. Other sections had some stairs to aid in steep climbing portions of the trail.

The trail is well maintained and allows for social distancing when passing others on hikes.

In most portions of the trail, busy roads and people are muffled or non existent, giving our hike a calm, peaceful experience.

Light shines through some of the tree canopy, highlighting areas of plans and attracting butterflies.

Calm green roof above.

Here are a few small shots of our experience.No

Hiking off to my next adventure,


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