Home Grounds and Campgrounds

As outdoor enthusiasts, shelter-at-home has lead StevetheBikeGuy and I to consider tent camping in our back yard. Like kids, pretending we are in the wild, roughing it in the hood. But there has been enough rain that the yard is a swamp in areas.

Hungry for any outdoor time, we opted to garden on our property. Two raised beds and over 1000 lbs of dirt, plus some additional plots weeded and tilled, and we have a bit more than a salad on the horizon. My hope is salsa by September.

In the mean time, we look to campground openings with hope and trepidation, thinking about how to keep social distance as much as possible and still enjoy nature. Campendium has a page where Covid-19 campground closures/openings are available for your reference here.

For our group of friends who camp, state campgrounds are open now around us. We will journey to one in the very near future. We’ll hike, bike, fish, and kayak and keep our distance. Take care and go outdoors, whether is is your yard, a park, or campground. Feel the sun on your face. Listen to the wind. Breathe in the air. No matter where you are, the outdoors beckons.

Adventure awaits,


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