Winter Camping: Before the world slowed

Earlier this year, before we had anything close to a pandemic, SteveTheBikeGuy, DIYJamers, CamperKev, and myself went camping at Clinton State Park in Kansas.

It was a chilly yet sunny weekend. The campground was not full-up with campers, the views were sparse with no leaves and not much color, but we loved it just the same.

It was outside.

We were free to move about.

We could get together.

The last of the old life.

During the weekend, we cooked a big breakfast on the campfire, toured the connecting campgrounds on bicycles, and spent time enjoying being outside after a cold winter.

We had fun chopping firewood, playing board games, and watching the sun set.

And now we are in lock down/shelter in place as the weather warms and the leaves unfurl. The irony is not lost on SteveTheBikeGuy and myself.

Remember, this won’t be forever. We will all be camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities in the future. It’s hard to flatten the curve, but it will happen. We can make this happen.

Until then, we throw open all the windows in the house for breezes. We are organizing our camping gear and closets, cleaning the garage, and sitting in our driveway well away from our neighbors.

We are contemplating camping in the backyard.

We will continue to blog and share blog posts of others so we can all enjoy what is to come and plan for the future.

Take care and be safe.


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