Baird Creek Trail: Goin’ Downtown


“I could watch the paint dry, On these rented walls
Or I could run wild with the first wild thing who calls
Goin’ downtown”

~ Goin’ Downtown – Joe Jackson

On a mild (above freezing) Tuesday in January in the great state of Wisconsin, I had a business meeting in downtown Green Bay. I had researched local hikes for some post-meeting outdoorsiness and the “first wild thing” that called was a hike that (surprisingly) was practically in the city but that (in pictures) looked completely rural. I popped the GPS coordinates into my phone and headed to my meeting.


Meeting finished, I headed for the trailhead. I pulled into a small lot off of Baird Creek Road fifteen minutes later. I slung on my pack and looked for the trailhead. I found it in the northwest corner of the lot and peered down the trail. There was some patchy snow…

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