Cycling Events: Fun and…Tasty

If you are a bike enthusiast, there are plenty of opportunities across all seasons to cycle across the country. These range from cycling for a cause, food, libations, and others. StevetheBikeGuy and I have been on several of these rides. Titles include Tour de Bun (Kolachi festival in Minnesota), Tour de Lake in Lee’s Summit Missouri, and the North Texas Food Bank. They are fun goals to work towards or reward yourself and get you, of course, outdoors. Many are family friendly as well with shorter courses for children. Most have varying lengths you can choose based on your fitness level.

At the beginning of the Spring, we hunt for a few rides to sign up for or at least keep in mind and the weather begins to warm. You can find these rides online and can even sign up. Here are a couple of places you can start: People for Bikes, Bike Ride, Active, Map My Run.

One of our local rides was the Tour de BBQ. Routes included the Full Slab (62 miles), Long Stack (35 miles), and Short Stack (13 miles). We took on the Short Stack. It was full of beautiful scenery within neighboring towns. At stops along the way were free samples of barbecue from various local restaurants, finishing with a burnt end bowl and a couple of beer tickets. All-in-all a stellar, tasty time. Here are some shots from the ride.

As warmer weather moves in, consider a cycling event.

See you outdoors,


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