VLog Sampler: Camping for Free

I write this looking out my snowy window in 10 degree weather this afternoon. I dream of time outside soon. Soon!

For those in cold weather climates not fond of winter camping, camping season is thankfully swiftly approaching. Some have already started booking campsites for this season (many state parks allow reservations up to 6 months ahead). For those into winter camping, or live in more temperate locations, check out what vloggers recommend and tools to find something in your area.

There are several vlogs out there where they describe areas to camp on the cheap. Frankly, they are amazing. If you are lucky to live in one of these states/areas, head’s up on locations! If you are close to these areas, plan a trip! If you don’t live nearby, research possible places near you. Some of these tools are also great for just finding other locations. We’ve stuck to Corps of Engineers and State Parks, but I think we’ll branch out this season to try some of these.

Here’s a website tool for North America free camping: https://freecampsites.net/

Also check out Allstays.com

And example of a book for referring to locations. There are many more though!

Below are these vlogs for your reference.

Camping is just around the corner.


Recommended Locations

Their list is here: https://drivinvibin.com/2019/07/15/free-camping/

How to find Campsites

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