Mid-America RV Show (or others like it)

Let’s face it, for many of us living in wintery areas across the continents, the cold is starting to get old and worn out. The promise of spring is more than a month away. Many of us put off camping in under freezing temps. Snow and ice pile up. Crock pots get a soup / stew workout. And cabin fever begins. I’m stir crazy right now, ready to bolt when any semblance of warmer days. But, here we are with snow this week again. More precipitation and dipping temperatures.

Last weekend there was an RV Show here in town. Yay! Field Trip! After being stuck in the house for 3 days last weekend due to an ice storm, I just needed to get out and about, even for just a few hours. So StevetheBikeGuy, CamperKev, DIYJamers and myself loaded up and went searching for a little fun.

After purchasing a libation right at the top of the escalator stairs (and who wouldn’t like to drink and look at buying an RV rig?! Trickery to be sure lol.)

RV shows can fun. We traipsed through camper after camper, from small/mid sized to ginormous rigs, full of amenities such as fireplaces and island sinks. It is great to see set-ups in person and figure out your own likes and dislikes. Like a tall shower? Need a queen bed? How about a cushion bed instead? How much space for sitting? Counter space good? Want a TV and surround sound?

But, and I mean a big BUT… beware of big camper purchases, even at a show where it seems like there are steep discounts. What we found was a lot of the monthly payments seemed low, the duration of the loans were anywhere from 12-18 years. Yes, you read that right. If you are not buying it outright, a 20K purchase is an extra 8K over the life of the loan. And with the cost of a large RV, the costs are much, much higher.

The RV show was clearly there to sell the big dogs, not tiny stuff. There were no actual teardrops, only about 3 smaller ones among a field over 100+.

This was our second in as many years and love to go, even if we don’t buy a ‘big rig’ for camping. We’ll keep with the square drop, which is paid off and ready for the road at a moment’s notice.

Here’s to hoping for warmer weather very soon,


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