Vlog Sampler: JuniperHikes Sheltowee Trace Trail

Last Spring, JuniperHikes traveled on foot on the Sheltowee Trace Trail. This is a 310 mile National Recreation Trail spanning Kentucky in the Daniel Boone National Forest as well as the Big Fork River and Recreation area. Sheltowee means “Big Turtle.”

In the mid-1970s, Forest Service landscape architect, Verne Orndorf had a vision of a long foot trail in Kentucky. Today, the non-profit Sheltowee Trace Assoc. actively builds new trails and maintenance the existing trail. You can find more information and maps at SheltoweeTrace.com

Thru hikes, from start to finish on a trail are intense but well-worth the experience as you will see with this vlog. Averaging around 30 miles a day, he is happy to be on the trail, experiencing it, and sharing it with us.

Throughout his series, I watched as he had water replenishing issues on the trail, mud slips, staying ahead of controlled burns, and trying for the fastest thru hike. His series of 8 short vlogs lets you travel along and feel a part of the experience.

Here are a couple of samples of the series:

Introduction: Sheltowee Trace Trail 2019 Thru Hike 3:29

Giant Boulders in the Red River Gorge 10:06

Honestly, I am in love with the beauty of this trail. Streams, giant rock formations, blooming nature. have me yearning for better weather and more time outside. For now, I am looking in on all of JuniperHikes.

Bucket list: Hiking this trail in whole or part in the future. 

Thanks, JuniperHikes for the vlog adventure.


P.S. Credit to JuniperHikes for the screenshots of his hikes.

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