Vlog Sampler: JupiterHikes

Beginning this year, I will be sharing some awesome outdoor vlogs I’ve discovered on my YouTube wanderings.

This month, we’ll sample some great videos by JupiterHikes. Jupiter is a thru hiker, going from one point to another, usually long trail hikes. No, longer than that! Examples of these are the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, and Eastern Continental Trail.

JuniperHikes site is well rounded with videos where he explains why to pack something, how to plan for hikes, poking fun at thru hikers, and for some SERIOUS eye candy, beautiful places across the country.

Most of the ‘hikes’ I’ve done have been 10 miles or less, depending on what trails are available where we are camping or the parks or arboretums we visit. This vlog opened up a whole new area of hiking where every ounce counts in your backpack. Where resupplies can be days apart. Where hiking lasts for miles each day for weeks or months.

This first post is an overall video he made looking back at his travels in 2019. It is a compilation of places he has been set to music. The scenery is magical and honestly I’m jealous of the places he’s witnessed, but also grateful to be able to come along on the journey.

Stay tuned for a post featuring a trail serious JuniperHikes next time. Check him out on Instagram.

Off for a walk,


Here are some shots from his vlog. All credit to JuniperHikes.

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