First Hike tomorrow

New year, new you is a phrase often used as resolutions are made for January 1. Weight loss goals, new habits, reducing your carbon foot print, or travel goals may be some of these. I’ve done all the above, also renewing my passport ( which I received in the mail on 1/31/18, ahem) as well as recycling glass a local center as it is not picked up as regular recycling.

Many State Parks across the nation are hosting New Year’s Day First Hikes. These vary in difficulty and often will have guided hikes. First Hike is explained here and shows planned First Hike events.

Check out State Parks in your area here. Or, perhaps a walk in a local park, countryside, or arboretum. Any place will do. Some are listed in our Outdoor Sampler blog, but the list is not exhaustive.

Cold, temperate or balmy, any hike will do. Getting outside is good for both the body and the soul. Time to begin a new decade on the right foot…then left…right.

Let the fresh air commence,


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