Campfire Nachos

Imagine nachos infused with an intoxicating smokiness.

Imagine nachos with slightly charred, delightfully crusty edges.

Imagine the smiles when you share this special dish with your loved ones and friends. But don’t share it with too many people because you’ll want to keep digging in for more.


All credit to Fresh Off the Grid for the recipe and inspiration.

This vegetarian dish is perfect as written. I also add fire-roasted corn kernels, a few jalapeno slices and prefer medium picante sauce over hot sauce. Thin slices of seasoned cooked chicken breast are also magnificent nestled within the layers. Nachos transcend fussy ingredients, and are the perfect foil for your imagination.



Before assembling the layers, place a sheet of parchment paper in the bottom of your cash iron Dutch oven, and give it a coating of cooking spray. Spray the inside of the lid, too. Trust me on this. When you put the assembled dish on the grill or campfire, add some hot coals to the lid, to help it cook evenly. Ten to 20 minutes later and voila! Smoky, crispy, gooey heaven.


Whether you like them veg or meaty, your nacho creation is brilliant for fall tailgating and backyard grilling. I have also prepared Campfire Nachos in the heat of summer, camp-side. Is there ever a bad time for nachos? Nope.

Of all the superlatives used in this blog, a better phrase to describe Campfire Nachos might be ‘familiar yet unexpected.’

Cook outside. Sample. Enjoy!


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