West Side Lake Ainslie – Cape Breton

The largest fresh water lake in Cape Breton, Lake Ainslie starts at the southwest Margaree Riverand empties into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It was named after George Robert Ainslie who was Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 1816 to 1820.

From the Lake Ainslie website:

The area was settled by Scottish immigrants around 1820.  Gaelic speaking Highlanders came from different parts of Scotland; The Isle of Muck, Island of Kell, Tulloch, Mull, Skye, North and South Uist and settled in communities around the Lake.  The communities on either side of the Lake have traditionally been separated by distance and culture.  In early days of settlement, Catholics settled on the West side of the Lake and Protestants on the East side. 
There is not a lot known about Lake Ainslie before settlement. The Lake has important significance to the Mi’kmaq people of Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island).  A number of bald eagles nest around the lake. 

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