Peggy’s Cove – Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia is one of the most popular tourist areas in the province. The Peggy’s Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1965, on top of massive granite beds. The ocean tides at Peggy’s Cove are known for their enormous size and unpredictability.

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

Peggy’s Cove
Tourists climbing around the rocks on a foggy day

Each year, tourists are urged to stay #safeonshore while visiting Peggy’s Cove. The tides are so strong and unpredictable, massive waves and swells are beautiful to watch from afar but can turn dangerous to any person who wanders too close. When you see black rocks (wet rocks, algae covered rocks, etc) you should not move closer to them. Each year, rescue crews risk their lives to help recover people swept out to sea. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn from a rescue mission, into a recovery mission.

An example of warning signs posted around the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse area.

Many signs are posted around the area warning tourists to keep their distance, what to watch for and what you should do if you end up in peril.

Tourists respecting nature’s boundaries by staying clearly away from the black rocks and crashing waves
A boat out in the swells. We watched him toss and roll around savagely. Keep in mind, these men risk their lives to save others when accidents happen here.

The area does offer several beautiful reasons to visit. Gift shops on site, Bag-pipers & other musicians will play around the lighthouse, guided hiking tours along the coast and near-by areas are offered by several companies and the William E. deGarthe monument rests nearby depicting 32 fisherman, their wives and children, & Peggy, accompanied by St. Elmo. Unfortunately, that’s something I haven’t had the chance to take A photo of.

Nova Scotia Pride
The small fishing comminuty of Peggy’s Cove looking back from Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

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