Pokemon Community Days

Each month, Pokemon Go has a Community Day on Saturday. Folks use the Pokemon Go App to play outside and catch cute critters. The community day activities have special Pokemon to catch and experience/leveling benefits.

Some may say that being outside on a Community day is not really being ‘outdoors’ as it would be for going camping, hiking, and the like. Yes, that is true. But, it does get a person outside in the fresh air. It doesn’t require special gear (most people have a phone capable as well as walking shoes. Getting out of the house or apartment in the city, suburb, or country is as easy as walking out the door. Here is what I’ve observed over the years I’ve played.

  1. Outside and walking. Standing still or sitting in one spot will not net you catches or benefits. The App rewards people who move.
  2. Some of the absolute best places to play are city parks, event locations, or even shopping malls.
  3. I’ve learned a lot about local historic sites via PokeStops I usually pass by. I now know about donations made for equipment to local parks, stops on the Oregon Trail, Statues and who made them to name a few.
  4. People who play are very friendly and will stop and talk about Pokemon.
  5. You’ll most likely start carrying a battery charger with you.
  6. Dogs are VERY happy about this App. I see so many people walking dogs and playing.

There have been studies of the health and other positives of Pokemon Go. Here are a few articles.

Forbes Science Direct Share Care University of Utah Health 9 to 5 Mac

Here’s to seeing you this Saturday!


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