Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota

Whether you are a lighthouse enthusiast, hiker, camper, or cross-country skier, Split Rock State Park may be what you’re looking for in an adventure.

The lighthouse has 22 steps inside and also sports an observation deck using a handrail up. There ramps to the fog signal building room and house. As you would imagine, the view is breathtaking any time of the year.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, a separate area from the lighthouse. The land surrounds the lighthouse and its historic sites. The park offers beautiful trails, cart-in campsites, cobblestone beaches, fishing and cross-country skiing.

Of interest:

  • Tent Camping/Cart-in Sites
  • Historic Lighthouse / History Center Tours
  • Picnicking Along Lake Superior Lakeshore
  • Scenic Views of Lake Superior
  • Waterfalls

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