Charcuterie board for camping meals

So how did you read the word charcuterie in your head when you looked at this blog? Charcuterie is pronounced  [shahr-koo-tuh–ree].

Charcuterie comes from the French word charcutier. This is a person who prepares Charcuterie and is translated to “pork butcher”. The type of meat you use is not limited to these kinds. If you are a vegetarian, just leave off the meats!

Tips for a low-cost, easy to assemble Charcuterie:

  • Use leftovers.
  • Many ideas below can be purchase at a regular grocery stores and not specialty stores.
  • Keep it simple

Ideas for setting up a board – think color, size and texture:

2-3 cheeses – Think texture such as firm (cheddar or Colby)/semi firm (Gouda, Edam, Jarlsberg )/soft ( Brie/Feta/Cambert/cream cheese)
1-2 Protein sources: Sliced or deviled eggs. Cured meats (salami, ham, other sausages)
1-2 Nuts of any kind
Small Pickles/Slices (dill or sweet)
1-2 Fruits (sliced apple or pear/berries/peeled orange/grapes cut into small bunches)
Optional treats such as bits of chocolate or mini muffins/cupcakes
Crackers / Bread and butter
Salad dressings and hot sauces as dips placed in tiny bowls. Think Ranch, Russian, Italian as choices.

Although you can enjoy Charcuterie anytime, camping is a great way to put together a light lunch with easy clean-up if all items are pre-sliced and ready to arrange on plates. We’ve been using Charcuterie for cold lunches on hot camping days and enjoyed it immensely. Pictures of ideas are below.



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