Cloudy Beach Day – Melvern Lake, KS

I don’t imagine cloudy days in the summer when camping. My experiences have largely been hot, hot and humid, humid and sunny, and scorching weather. Our last camping excursion was none of that.

We were ‘treated’ to a very cloudy, temperate to chilly weekend with a rainy night finish. The rain held off until Saturday night, which gave us all day to explore the area and hike beforehand.

We found a beach not closed (rain and lake levels have closed most areas). It had a lovely fire ring and a great view of the lake. StevetheBikeGuy and I walked the shoreline. We saw heron, hawks, frogs, and deer. We enjoyed the cooler weather, which felt more like fall that the middle of summer.

The chilly evening caught us off guard. I had no hoodie, sweatshirt or warm jeans/sweatpants. I was lucky to have a small blanket to curl up in while sitting by the fire. Time to rethink packing no matter what time of year!

I am very thankful for our square-drop to shelter us from the rain, which lasted from about 1 am and still was raining when we broke camp at 9 AM Sunday. We prepared for the rain by doing 98% of tear down before going to bed. All items stored, all wood burned, and breakfast granola, bowls, and spoons stowed in the car in anticipation of poor weather. All that was left was hitching up the camper.

What did people do without phones and radar? So useful when planning camping adventures.

Here’s to a sunny time next go around.


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