The Badlands – SD

The Badlands National Park is an amazing National Park in South Dakota. We drove through the park in mid Summer – and the views were just amazing! The vistas of erosion down and the towering vistas above along with the surprising variety of animals that can be found in this 244,000 acre park.

We arrived early in the morning and the line into the park was non-existent (which was nice). The sun coming up over the park was nice and not too warm yet. We were, unfortunately, not staying an entire day, but we were able to drive through the park on the scenic Badlands Loop getting out to see the most scenic of views. There were a surprising amount of wildlife within the park that you could see from the loop and from the hiking trails, including Bison and Bighorn Sheep.

There were many great hiking trails within the Badlands, we chose to do a small hike called the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail. The trail was nice and for the most part a boardwalk, but it had a steep incline at certain points. The hike up the stairs rewarded us with amazing views.


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