Camp Food: Brats on Friday Night

Some people love to make creative or elaborate dishes, but when it’s time to set up camp on a Friday night after work and driving to the site, I am not so apt to do so. There are two ways we choose to eat dinner on the way, somewhere along the road or a meal with some pre-prepping to make putting it together easy.


Brats with condiments
Brats were boiled in beer 15 minutes, cooled, put in a zip lock bag and into the cooler. After starting the fire, we roasted them brown before eating.

I made my grandmothers’s slaw. The amounts are an estimate, so prepare them to taste.

Small head of cabbage cut fresh. Don’t used the bag stuff.
The sauce is sweet and tangy:sweetener of your choice. I use splenda drops, but plain old sugar is fine.
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1.5 cups sour cream
salt and pepper to taste, I go heavy on the pepper.

I mixed up the dressing, but did not combine the dressing and cabbage until on site to keep it from getting soggy.

You can also choose your own favorite recipe or a bagged salad. Also a three bean or other summer salad. Whatever can be prepped ahead of time.

Cut on site.

Come and get it! Soup’s on!


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