Kayaking on Watkins Lake – MO

Watkins Lake, a 100 acre lake in the Watkins Mill State Park is a perfect setting for some peaceful kayaking and/or fishing. Located close to our campsite, it took only about 3-4 minutes to drive our kayaks to the boat ramp.

We saw quite a few people fishing on the bank as well as in the water on small craft. I saw one person pull in a hefty fish not too far where we were paddling. People were friendly and one of our folks talked with a local fisherman about goods spots to fish, so we put that in our back pocket!

While paddling around, inlets hosted a multitude of dragonflies, all dining on the local gnat and insect population. They would bob and weave and dip to the water. Some landed on our kayaks as well.

The water is fairly clear. Clear enough we spotted rocks prior to getting stuck on them. Most of the shoreline was rocky and shallow, especially in the inlets.

An excellent place for another kayaking adventure, soon.

Paddling along,


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