Viney Creek Campground – MO

Viney Creek Recreation Area is on the western end of Table Rock Lake. The campground area is surrounded on three sides Table Rock Lake. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, and boating are all integral parts of the area. Campers enjoy great views and easy access to the water.

The campground offers basic and electric/water campsites. There are also family campsites.

We enjoyed our time there over a holiday weekend. One minus, though. The shower house and modern restrooms at Viney Creek were demolished in 2018 due to a fire. A vault toilet is available for public use. There is no scheduled time when a permanent shower and restroom will be available.

The park’s future is in jepordy as of July 2019. The Army Corps of Engineers built the site. The state of Missouri took it over in 2014. After the loss of the restroom facilities, attended has taken a downturn. The state of Missouri will be giving up on Viney Creek. The county is looking for another organization of take over the property. The notes of that meeting are here.

Take advantage of the campgrounds this summer. Here’s to hoping they keep open this wonderful campground.


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