Knob Noster State Park: MO

Knob Noster State Park has a quaint little campground with nice shade and decent sized lots. The park itself is a calm collection oak woods. It also, however, has some areas of prairie around the Clearfork Creek. The State park sports 3 area lakes of various sizes for fishing. Mountain bikers are welcome as are horseback riders. In addition, the park also features an oxbow slough, which has been officially designated as Pin Oak Slough Natural Area. 

Knob Noster State Park offers basic and electric campsites, family campsites, two organized group camps and special-use camping areas. Our site, next to the camp hose, had sufficient space for a tent and teardrop. Campers of various sizes took up other locations. The bathrooms were very clean and included not only soap, but constant vigilance for replenishing toilet paper.

Two things I wish were different:

  • The electrical plugs need to be updated. Your own converters just to be safe.
  • There is only one dumpster. Since we opted for being closer to the restroom, it was a drive away, not a short walk. I’m actually glad it was far away because of…

The raccoons were rowdy. We saw one in broad daylight rummaging after a shelter party near one of the lakes. The nerve! I overheard a camper complain of stolen food from his campsite. Well, he left out a banana. Enough said on that.  We had one raccoon in the evening. It closely approached areas where we had food (even though it was already stored in our car.)  None of these were aggressive, they were just used to being fed. Well, except for the campsite one we had. The little turd walked and slid all over the car in the wee hours of the morning. As the camp host noted, don’t leave food out, don’t feed the raccoons!

Trails around Knob Noster were plentiful, with some circling the lake. Hikes ranged from a little under a mile to 7 miles. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and will be back for more hiking and fishing. The lake water was smoooooth for kayakers, who seemed to prefer the larger Clearfork lake.

I can’t wait until fall when the leaves begin to turn. It will be magnificent.

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