Douglas County Fishing Lake – Kansas

With as many large recreational areas all over states, people often overlook the lakes tucked into country areas. Douglas County Fishing Lake near Baldwin, KS is one of these.

The lake is 180 acres with a maximum of 42 feet. For those who do not have a boat to tootle around fishing, there are many fishing crop-outs far out into the water, giving those fishing deeper access to fish.

Lake was reopened to fishing January 1, 2009, after a three year renovation project. It stocks many types of fish including large mouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish. For more information, look up the Fisheries Newsletter

We went with friends to fish one evening (DO use Google Maps or similar application as finding it was a challenge). All caught at least one fish if not even more. We fish and release and back into the lake they went. There were several families, some fishing off the dock, and others fishing off the crop-outs. The setting was peaceful and beautiful.

So find a place out of the way. And…go fish.


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