Tour de Bun, yes…bun

Every year, in a little town called Montgomery, Minnesota, there is the Kolacky Capital of the World’s Annual Summer Celebration. As a part of this is the Tour de Bun Classic. How do we know about this living in Kansas? Thanks to the internet, Steve and I look for places to ride our bikes which sound interesting and/or in places where we want to go, which are within a tolerable riding distance.

Steve chose ‘the bun bike ride.” Snort. Not surprised.

We took our parents along to Minnesota and tasted wine and beer in tasting rooms and tap houses, ate a great amount of walleye, visited friends, and of course, Steve and I road our buns off in the aforementioned race.

The Tour de Bun Classic consists of three overlapping loops: the 15-mile Statková Jízda (Homestead Ride), which is an out and back, the 35-mile Osadnický Okruh (Pioneer Loop), and the 50-mile Okruh Zelených Akrů (Green Acres Loop).

The view was very rural with fields and a beautiful lake. During our 15 mile bike ride with a stop (SAG: Support and Gear) station at a winery. Unfortunately, no wine tastings at 8:30 AM, bummer. We did go back and try out their wines later.

If you like Kolackys and riding those and your buns off, give it a try. There are several distances to choose from. Cycle on.

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