Hidden Gem: Black Sheep

When at Bennett Spring, we planned to take a day away from fly fishing and take a float trip down the Niangua River. Unfortunately, that day it poured for hours starting well before dawn. With river levels already elevated this summer, we opted for breakfast at the lodge instead of cooking at camp, then  a day trip to Springfield, MO.

We made the obligatory trip to Bass Pro Shop headquarters. A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, the store sports merchandise, live and taxidermy animal displays, curated historical exhibits and an aquarium. We coasted around all our favorite money pits of fishing, camping, kayaking, and others. Before we headed out of town, we stopped for a bite at a place we saw on the way into Bass Pro. The burger joint was called Black Sheep.

The burgers were creative combinations and huge. Thoughts:

elvis shake: banana, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, irish cream, frozen custard. This can be made with or without alcohol. Rich and tastey. A meal in itself.

cowboy carl burger: 4oz all-natural patty, slow-cooked smoked brisket, sharp white cheddar, candied bacon, spicy fried onions, pickle, chipotle bbq sauce. This is a massive burger that requires a full-commitment hold and eat to the end or cutting in half to eat (see below) I had to pass off about a half it to Steve to finish off.

Also received a thumb’s up: 

bean veggin’ out burger: veggie patty, bleu cheese, avocado, vegan fakin’ bacon, butter lettuce, pickle, onion, truffle mayonnaise

ugly cheeseburger : double 4oz all-natural patties, sharp white cheddar, butter lettuce, pickle, onion, baaahd sauce

Pass: The fries. I would not order the regular fries again. They were too crispy and lacking taste. I will stick with just the burger, due it’s size.

On the plus side, our rained out float trip has a rain voucher for a year. So, dang, we’ll be back!

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