Fly fishing at Bennett Spring State Park

Bennett State Park, the oldest park in Missouri, is one of the meccas for fly fishing. The icy streams and plentiful trout abound. Even is sweltering heat, fishing is a pleasant experience, at least for me. I love cold and being up past my waist in frigid water cools off the rest of me nicely.

This year, Camper Kev taught my husband (Steve the Bike Guy) and I how to fly tie. Not all flies need to be fanciful. One guy in passing, gave us a chartreuse lure made from a car washing mitt from the Dollar General, swearing the fish always hit on them. Fisherman/woman often will share a lure, which is pretty cool.

Of course this lead to searching for such mitt. The only thing we found at Dollar General was an orange mitt. Begrudgingly, that was purchased and we all made several flies.

There’s nothing like catching a fish on a fly you make yourself, which most of us did. I caught two that day. It was a good fishing trip for all of us. We’ll plan another adventure soon.

Deana Outside

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