Bob the butterfly

The paved trail at the Weston Bend State Park was hilly and wooded, but the views were awesome. Located on the Missouri River over by Weston, MO, this small park sports several hiking trails through dense wooded areas. There is also a paved 2.75 mile path for bikes and hikers. Beware if you bike! There are several hills where signs say to get off and walk your bike up. The incline is incredibly steep and there are sharp curves along the way. So many hills that we clocked 33 flights of stairs.

The path was full of butterflies, one of which decided to hitch a ride for a mile or so on my hat. Steve named him Bob the butterfly. A cheeky lad looking to easily relocate to a new neighborhood. He exited stage left..or through our sun room as I shooed him getting in the vehicle.

I think we’ll go back in the fall when the foliage turns. Maybe Bob will be there….

Until our next adventure,


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