Lake Stockton Camping

Stockton State Park offers basic and electric campsites as well as walk-in basic campsites.  The walk-ins are right on the water through a nice wooded paths. There is also a special-use camping area. There are also family campsites available.  There is a park marina and store. The marina had a decent little cafe for standard food such as fish sandwiches, pork tenderloins, and hamburgers. The store had a little bit of everything and was able to provide forgotten items.

The park is known for sailing as the marina can attest to. There are inlets suitable for kayaking. We saw a lot of people fishing.

The trails were good even after a bit of rain. One lead to an amphitheater between two different campgrounds. There were several trail heads around the lake to choose from other than those intersecting campgrounds.

The bathrooms were an very well maintained and cleaned daily. The camp hosts were present, but not intrusive. Sites were not cramped and there was plenty of shade. We spent time hiking and exploring the town Saturday.  We’ll go back.

A hidden gem
We stopped along one of the streets where a woman was selling fried hand pies. By 11 or so, she was sold out of many flavors. We snagged some cherry, apple and chocolate flavors and were not disappointed. Delish! If you are ever there, look for the canopy by a small garden center.


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